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XCharge Offers Simple, Easy to Use Integration Methods

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Integration Method Documentation
Middleware Supported by Gateway
XCharge PC Software
  • Middleware installed on PCs
XCharge SDK
XCharge Web (XWeb)
  • Credit Cards Only
  • With libraries for COM, .NET, PHP & Perl
  • Credit Cards & ACH
Virtual Terminals
XWeb Virtual Terminal
  • Credit Cards Only
None: No Integration Required
TC Virtual Terminal
  • Credit Cards & ACH
None: No Integration Required
FileMaker Plug In ( Beta ) FileMaker Plug-in

The full SDK is available via download from our website upon request.

XCharge Hosts Secure Payment Forms

For each of our methods, we host secure payment forms on our servers. This significantly reduces costs of compliance with industry data security standards (PCI-DSS) for both developers and their merchants. For developers, this insulates their applications from having to meet industry data security requirements (PA-DSS). All XCharge methods meet PCI-DSS standards, and because we host payment forms on our servers, developer applications fall out of scope for PA-DSS.

We also offer alternative open integration methods where merchants can host their own payment forms. However, we do not recommend these alternatives because of the increased developer and merchant costs to comply with industry security requirements. Developers that are currently hosting their own payment forms should consider using our secure hosted forms.

Please Call Us for Documentation and Support

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