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XCharge PC Software

XCharge PC software delivers technology and security like no other while providing merchants with a fast and secure payment processing solution. XCharge offers money saving benefits and unique features to help you achieve a more professional image by streamlining your payment acceptance process. No more costly terminals needed. Process all payments on your PC.

XCharge PC software can be used by most any type of business that accepts credit cards as a form of payment and employ a traditional bank terminal. This includes health clubs, dry cleaners, traditional retail stores, mail order houses, telephone order fulfillment centers, medical, and professional businesses. These merchants will enjoy increased productivity and decreased costs associated with accepting credit card payments by applying XCharge PC software technology.

XCharge authorizes and executes electronic draft capture for all major credit and debit cards. MO/TO (Mail Order Telephone Order) applications are supported via the built-in AVS (Address Verification System) and CVV2 features that help reduce fraudulent charges. The AVS feature also provides the merchant with lower processing costs since all mandated card data is transmitted to the processing network.

Settlements are simplified through the XCharge "time initiated" feature. XCharge automatically settles an existing batch of transactions at a designated time of day or night without any user intervention. XCharge is quick! Electronic payments can be processed through the Internet, where approvals are achieved within a matter of two to three seconds. A traditional modem can be used as well.

In addition to providing merchants with the best processing platform available, XCharge helps merchants reduce the expense of accepting credit card payments by:

  • Transmitting all mandated information so the merchant receives the lowest possible discount rate.
  • Communication is facilitated through standard Internet connection or phone line for one or multiple stations. Automatic fault tolerance is achieved via dial-up line in the event the Internet connection is lost
  • Detailed reporting with user definable date ranges to match merchant statements for reduced reconciliation time
  • Built-in PCI fraud control keeps merchants safe and compliant with industry requirements

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