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We partner with software developers to build and maximize recurring revenue from transaction processing modules within their applications.

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We offer multiple integration methods which are simple to use and integrate. These include our XCharge PC software and X-Web Secure, for eCommerce, mobile and Virtual Terminal applications. We provide expert support of integration, and all software is provided free of charge.

Our XCharge payment solutions meet and exceed industry data security standards (PCI DSS) saving our partner Developers significant time and resources.

  • Our XCharge PC Software is PA-DSS validated, and saves developers the expense of PA-DSS certifying their own applications. Further Information
  • Our XWeb gateway and all processing partners are PCI DSS compliant, insuring end-to-end data security for Developers and their merchants.
  • We help developers anticipate merchant data security requirements, saving their merchants time and expense.

We fully support our Developer programs with free marketing, as well as world class merchant support.

  • Marketing programs are customized for each partner to maximize enrollment.
  • We deliver merchant support that understands our partnersí software and integrated payment processing.

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