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XCheck combines the best of ACH, Check21, and Check Verification services, providing a complete electronic-based check solution for your business. Whether you accept checks at the point-of-sale, via web, mail, or on a recurring basis, XCheck offers comprehensive features like these at an affordable rate:

Peace of Mind - XCheck verifies that checks you accept are not on a national database of accounts with a history of bad checks. We'll alert you of a problem so you can accept an alternate form of tender.

Simplified Accounting and Auto Deposit - We eliminate the need to tally up checks at the end of the day and the hassle of making daily deposits. XCheck automates this process and electronically deposits money in the merchant's bank account. Reporting, including scanned images of submitted checks, is available to the merchant at any time.

Easily Set Up Recurring Transactions - XCheck reduces your work load by accommodating ACH recurring transactions (PPD). Enter the customer's check information once and automate the process of deducting a present amount from a customer's bank account as often as predetermined.

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